1 Corinthians 15:33 says that evil company, and bad company corrupt good manners.
Many had change the history of their lives, through their inability to see beyond what controls them. What are you slave to? Is it anger, jealousy, greed, pride, impatience, or unforgiveness? These are the unrighteousness of man. In the book of Matthew 5:21, Jesus taught us about the damage this unrighteousness of man could cause to our lives if not properly managed. For example, anger is a dangerous emotion that always threatens to leap out of control, leading to violence, and emotional hurt, these had caused damage to many Christians’ lives, homes, and communities today.

Identify what is controlling you, they are dangerous emotions that had change the history of many lives, and the destiny of their career while blaming others for their self-afflicted woes. You are divorced and yet blaming someone else of been responsible. Have you searched yourself clearly for your own role? Satan uses this unrighteousness of man, to prevent you from developing a spirit pleasing to God. Brethren’s self-control is good, but don’t forget that Jesus also wants us to control our thought as well.

Check your reasoning and always ensure to see the positive side instead of focusing on doubt/suspicion/distrust. You are in control of your thoughts and actions. Your focus creates your feelings. A Christian must be careful about what he is looking at because what he is looking at can influence his thoughts and his thoughts can influence his future actions.

Because the coming of our Lord Jesus is fast approaching, let us be more conscious of our lives each day. Refuse today, to get ensnared by satan’s tactic and strategy. You are a Promise Child.

By the mercy of the LORD, whatever spirit that cage your reasoning, be released in the name of Jesus Christ!
Be it the spirit of doubt, anger, sickness, poverty – be released in the name of Jesus Christ. Whatever spirit that enslaves you; begin to rebuke it now: anger, impatience; jealously; greed; the pain of the past – begin to rebuke that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ!

One thought on “WHAT ARE YOU SLAVE TO? – By Prophetess Yinka

  1. Calvary greetings Prophetess ,
    As you’re warning me of what I’m slave to , I have discovered that I am slave to impatience of late , and before I wasn’t like that . I pray and ask God to deliver me from this dragon spirit in the name of Jesus . I’m letting go of the pain of the past in Jesus name . Thank you Jesus I’m set free from such evil spirits Amen .
    Thank you woman of God , blessed be the name of the Lord .
    Love you .

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