James 1:1-12
We all need the wisdom to handle our situation because we may not know whether the unpalatable situation, we are going through are part of the events that will usher us into our divine destiny. In James 1:5 James was talking not only about knowledge but about the ability to make a wise decision in difficult circumstances.

When God is executing His plans in our lives, He also designs and arranges events that will continue to unfold until His purpose is revealed in our lives. Those events could be trial, persecution, sickness, or humiliation. Remember, God oftentimes visits His people in hard times so that they may learn His way. In Genesis 39, when Joseph found himself in prison, the Bible says, he did not allow the prison condition to overwhelm him. He knew that for him to be the source of freedom to his people, he had to taste imprisonment. The bible says he learned obedience through his rejection, embarrassment, temptation, and lies.

Those who see beyond their immediate situation do not despair in the face of seeming disappointment. God arranged the events of Daniel in exile when he was faced with the reality of life. A captive, a slave who was supposed to be seen and not to be heard, Daniel was condemned to die in a den of hungry lions, but he looked at his situation by faith and he saw redemption, he saw freedom and God shut the mouth of the lions.

When you see beyond your pain, God will manifest to you the benefit of His great salvation. No matter the situation, always remember that when we accept adversity, enduring every pain, then we would learn what we should know; our grief will turn to gain. Brethren, be encouraged that in every situation, God is saying something.

By the mercy of the LORD, whatever situation you may be going through right now, receive the strength of salvation. Whatever situation threatening your peace, by the mercy of the LORD, receive the happiness of Salvation. Amen!

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