2 COR. 5:11-“Because we understand our fearful responsibility to the LORD, we work hard to pursued, God knows we are sincere…”. Romans 8:31; 2 timothy 1:7Do you ever think that because you aren’t good enough for God, he will not save or use you? Do you ever think salvation is for everyone else but you? The Bible tells us the fear of the LORD frees believers from all of life’s anxieties and worries. God takes care of His own. The fear of the LORD, gives us courage in the face of life’s trouble.I remember in 2004 September, l was in Ghana Branch, my mentor Prophet TB Joshua of the blessed memory called me to come back to Nigeria and take a lead with two others to south Africa to organise for his coming to South Africa. Brethren, I told the prophet, l said, daddy l am afraid! Of course, is a good thing to travel but I don’t know where the fear was coming from. If l had my way then l would have rejected it, but the prophet said to me, “No the LORD had chosen you to go for this assignment. I felt am undeserved of this grace LORD. But prophet told me, the fear l had proved the glory that lies ahead of the journey. I took the prophet by his word. Brethren l went, it was a successful journey to the glory of God. Lives were saved, nations were transformed and the name of the LORD indeed was glorified. Whatever you want to do in life, that brings fear…push ahead, don’t let fear overtake you. Behind that fear is fulfilment of the glory of God. It is very important to deal with fear at the earliest stage. Fear becomes a problem when you harbour it, entertain it and allow it grow. Successful person is someone who arrest his thought. Thought may come and persist in staying in your heart, but refuse to put them into words or actions and they would die unborn. However, the fear of the LORD rather cast all fears that threatens our progress in life away.PRAYER: Begin to plead the blood of Jesus against every fear tormenting your life/health/career/dream/ journey/ action/ behaviour. Good morning and win forever!

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  1. I need a soft copy of this devotion as pdf, thinks prophetess yinka for your word may God bless you

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