As a Christian, you are in a spiritual walk with the Lord and in your spiritual walk with the Lord, you have both good and hard times alike. As a child of God, your hard times are as good as your good times because there is no real evil in it; it is for the glory of God. Let’s look at the life of Joseph. He had to pass through the dry pit to slavery at Potiphar’s house and then to the prison and from the prison to the throne. His tests and trials prepared him for the challenges ahead. Every successful teacher was once a student. We Christians enjoy the opportunity of being a coach to others.

People of God, adopting a lifestyle that is based on purpose provides an opportunity to enrich others, by positively leaving your imprint. When you can expand this philosophy to a wider vision, your purpose or vision will become crystallised. If you are focused only on making money, a large slice of life will pass you by because money is just a small slice of life. Money cannot give us joy, peace, comfort, or eternal life but Jesus can. The blessings of the world enrich the body temporarily but the blessings of Christ enrich the soul for eternity.

Let’s live for eternity and we shall secure all that is available in it. As Christians, we are recommended to follow these tiny steps of faith with patience in Christ Jesus, for there are no shortcuts to spiritual maturity. When you are in a haste to achieve something in life, you are bound to make costly mistakes that will pull you back, if not down. When your vision is clear, your life will have meaning. To live life to the fullest, your goal must reflect your purpose. What is your challenge? To turn your hard times into good times, every day, you must stay true to your purpose in life despite snow or rain. The purpose of life sees beyond the pain and joy of life we receive and the purpose of life is to glorify the creator, not the created. Amid your storm, trials and pleasures as well, stay focused, for those who bless God in their trials will be blessed by God through their trials.

By Prophetess Yinka

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